COVID-19 & Wellbeing

Rehab 4 Addiction have created educational guides to help increase awareness and understanding of all aspects of dealing with the stress of the lockdown and bereavement.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, many who live with depression are struggling to stay afloat during the mandated self isolation.

The aim is that these resources can be one of many stepping stones for those struggling and their loved ones to better understand their situation and lead them to find a safe and supportive environment, especially during the pandemic.

For additional support during the pandemic, follow the link below:

Remember, Stay well and Stay Healthy

 The current global crisis has come as a complete surprise to a lot of people living in countries all across the world. This unprecedented turn of events has locked down even the most affluent cities.  The impact of such a widespread change in how we live our lives, can cause panic and anxiety amongst even the healthiest of individuals.

In times like these it is important that services can work together in order to support the needs of the local community. Which is why we would like to make you aware of any resources that could be made available to you to support your mental health needs. Therefore it is also vital that we can try to keep a sense of normality and find ways to keep physically and mentally positive at times like these.

Our partner Mind in Rushden has worked hard to produce day to day activities and online resources  for you to access:

To access day-by-day activities through our partner Mind in Rushden, please follow this link


Plus see below for a whole host of tips, tricks and resources that could help you keep mentally healthy  and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Keep a Daily Routine Idea

  • 8AM – Wake up – have a drink water, tea or coffee.

It is essential to remain hydrated throughout the day, try and have a drink every 1-2 hours.

  • 8.30AM – Get washed and dressed.

It is important to keep routine, staying in our pyjamas will affect our mood. 

  • 9AM – Have breakfast – toast, cereal, fruit and yogurt, cooked breakfast.

Food will keep your brain active and set you up for the day.

  • 9.30AM – Tidy the house, Kitchens and Bathrooms need to remain clean.

A clean house makes a clear mind, this is a good time to sort out all the clutter you’ve been putting off. Why not listen to your favourite tunes while you do this?

  • 11AM – Sit down and enjoy a hot drink

While it is important to stay active, we do need some down time. Why not do some

colouring, knitting or puzzles.

  • 12.30PM – Lunchtime – Sandwich, rolls, salad, pasta or soup. Don’t forget to have a drink.

Let’s keep that energy going. We need to be eating three meals a day, there are apps and recipes that can give you ideas.

  • 1.30PM – It’s time to do something you enjoy, gardening, exercise and arts and crafts

Don’t forget if you have a back garden this is the perfect place to remain isolated but get some fresh air and sunshine.

  • 3PM – Sit down and make sure you have a drink maybe watch a movie, television or listen to the radio.

Try not to watch to much of the news, perhaps limit yourself to once a day.

  • 4PM – Take a walk, this can be in the garden the park or the streets

Exercise is allowed, however keep a 2-metre distance from others.

  • 4.30PM – Start preparing the dinner, think about healthy options.

Try and keep your food regime as normal as possible however we do have ideas below to help with recipes if food is running low.

  • 5.30PM – Enjoy dinner, why not treat yourself to a dessert.

Don’t forget dinner is important and try not to eat to late. 

  • 6PM – Clean the kitchen and wash up then you can relax for the rest of the evening.

Remember that a clean house makes for a clear mind.

  • 6.30PM – Have a drink, water, tea or coffee. 

Hydration is important don’t forget to drink every 1-2 hours.

  • 7PM – Time to relax and maybe watch your favourite television programmes or why not play a few board games if your self-isolating with the family.

Family time is important and if you are on your own don’t forget you can call family and friends.

  • 9PM – Start to unwind – read a book, magazine have a hot drink such as chocolate or Horlicks – try not to have caffeine.

It is important to reduce the amount of television and technology as this keeps your brain active. Caffeine will also do the same and relaxing before you try to sleep will allow you to fall asleep quicker and have a better night’s sleep.

  • 10PM – Bedtime

Try not to go to sleep with the TV on and limit what technology is in your bedroom if you need your mobile then try not to have it on vibrate or too close as this will wake you up.

Important Information

  1. Remember to clean your hands regularly do not touch your face and clean hard surfaces regularly.

  2. Keep at least 2 metres from others when out of your home avoid crowded areas and only go out if necessary.

  3. If anyone in the home has symptoms, then please do self-isolate and stay in the house for 14 days.

  4. If you have pets, they still need exercise so do try and take them for a walk even if it is shorter than normal and around the block.

  5. If you are struggling for food, then there is information on support available also there are websites and apps to give you recipe ideas if you are getting short of food.

  6. Although the news is important it can increase anxiety so please try and limit how much time you spend watching the news as well try and not go on social media sites to much such as Facebook or Twitter as this can also increase anxiety.

  7. Facebook messenger, whats app, face time and Skype are good ways to stay connected with others. Although we can’t see them in person doesn’t mean we have to cut communication. Socialising is important part of our daily routine and technology allows use to do this in many ways.

Food Supplies and Recipe Idea’s

Supermarkets are employing extra staff to support with the crisis, and some have adjusted there opening hours to allow them to restock the shelves so please check this online as some smaller stores have closed to support the bigger supermarkets.

Iceland are prioritising delivers for the elderly and vulnerable and the first two hours of the day is designated to the elderly and vulnerable.

Most supermarkets are doing deliveries still but they’re maybe a wait so plan but try not to bulk buy as stores have limited some food listed below:

  • Rice, pasta and noodles

  • Tinned items for example tomatoes and soup

  • Toilet rolls and cleaning essentials

  • Hand wash, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser


Supermarkets are open and tend to be quieter in the afternoons rather than the mornings also when shopping make sure you remember the 2-metre distance rule.


25 Dinners You Only Need 3 Ingredients to Make.

Cheap Family Meals: Recipes Under £1 Per Head.

65 Amazing Meals You Can Make from Leftovers Today.

Love Food Hate Waste

  • Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Change4life Smart Recipes

  • Love Your Leftovers

  • BBC Good Food


Puzzles and Games – if you run out of puzzle books here’s some free ideas

Puzzler – click on register in the right-hand corner and then you can complete the free online puzzles with plenty to choose from.

Wordsearches – Completely free

Word-Games – Completely free

Crosswords – Completely Free

Sudoku – Completely Free

Jigsaw – A wide variety – all completely free.

Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Sudoku Mega Bundle

  • Cody Cross

  • Jigsaw puzzles epic

  • Wordsearch Pro

  • English Crosswords

  • Word Cross: Word Search

There are thousands of free apps but these are some of our favourites!



Colour online or print out


Colouring for Relaxation – Print out only


Colour by number

Print out colouring ideas

Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Colour by number - Relaxing Artbook

  • Paint by number – Colouring book and colour art

  • Colouring book for me

  • Colorfy: Art colouring

  • Paint by number colouring

Knitting and Cross Stitch

Cross stitch – Lots of free designs to download and print

Crochet and cross stitch ideas – Free to download and print

Knitting for beginners

Knitting and crochet patterns, tutorials suitable for beginners through to experts

Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Love Crafts Knitting

  • Knitting Chart

  • Love Crafts Crochet

  • Crochet Dictionary

  • Cross Stitch Embroidery

  • Cross Stitch Patterns


  • Relaxation/ Meditation/ Mindfulness


Meditation for beginners

How to meditate

Six relaxation techniques to reduce stress

Breathing exercise for stress

Relaxation techniques for stress relief

Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Headspace

  • 3 Minute Mindfulness

  • AntiStress: Anxiety relief

  • Mindfulness

  • Relaxation music free

  • Exercise

How to exercise at home during corona-virus outbreak

10-minute home workout

Everyday exercise: How to work out at home without equipment

Zumba for beginners

The Best dance workout videos 2019

NHS fitness studio – Pilates, yoga, meditation, aerobics and much more.

Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Fiit: Workouts

  • 5 Minute home workout

  • 7 Minute Workout: Fitness

  • Workout for Women

  • Aerobic Dance Exercises

  • Arts and Crafts


Craft Projects

20 Amazingly creative DIY crafts for adults

25 Easy Crafts

60 Creative and easy ideas

Free Apps – type in the search bar and tap download.

  • Creative Ideas – DIY & Craft

  • Arts & Crafts App


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