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Anxiety Management Courses

Course Overview

Our Anxiety Management courses are designed to help you to understand what anxiety is and how to manage your own anxiety better.


In many cases, our courses are delivered by people who have had their own experiences with anxiety.  By running courses this way, we believe that you are receiving information from people who really understand what you are dealing with.


All our courses are delivered in small groups (up to 8 people). 


We use the Zoom platform to deliver this course and there is a basic requirement that all participants have their visual/audio function switched on throughout.


 The aim of this course is to help you to understand what anxiety is, how it affects you and others and how to manage it better.


Everyone is different but,

by the end of the course, we hope that you will have:


  1. Improved your understanding of anxiety.

  2. Learnt ways to manage anxiety better.

  3. Enhanced your overall mental health and emotional well-being.


To get the best out of this course, it’s really important that you try to attend every session.

Attendance Details

Location:                    Zoom


Course Length:          5 sessions over 5 weeks


Session Length:         1 and a half hours


Cost:                          Free to access


What to bring:           An open mind, a notebook, a pen or pencil.


  •                                    Tuesday 18th August 10.30 am 

  •                                    Tuesday 18th August 6 pm

  •                                    Wednesday 19th August 1 pm

What to do Next?

To book in for the course and an assessment for 

Tuesday 18th @ 10.30 am course or Wednesday  19th @ 1 pm 


please phone 01604 312116

Mon - Fri 11-1pm and 3-5pm


To book on the Tuesday 18th course @ 6 pm


please email or phone 01536 292001

Mon - Sat 11-1pm and 3-5pm

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