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When someone experiences mental health difficulties they can sometimes find it extremely challenging to find the words to express what they are feeling.


Arts, music and craft activities are great for encouraging people to express their emotions in a more visual way, creating new opportunities for people to communicate with each other.


Arts and crafts can also be a useful tool in supporting people to build self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem. By being involved  in an activity either individually or with others can give people great pleasure and satisfaction in the things that they achieve.

Here at Northampton and District Mind we offer a wide range of therapeutic activities which encourage peer support and inclusion for even the most isolated individuals. From world cooking to Music and then gardening to Tai Chi we have something for everyone whatever their interest.


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Poetic Minds

Northampton Mind welcomes Poetic Minds to the gallery. Poetic Minds is a therapeutic group that looks to support individuals who would like to use poetry as an outlet for their feelings,  thoughts and ideas.  Self expression is a very good way to enable others to share your skills and build your self confidence. It is also extremely beneficial for exploring your own creativity and to show people who you really are.

As she wanders through Sophistication,

she’s her middle-class stamped hairdo.

The twists and turns, keeps her walking,

turning corners, where photographers wait.

She’s in her stylish Jacques Vert outfit,

made just for her, by Italy.

      It has to be right, you know!


Looking down at her red-strapped Radley,

she’s classy, and she’s recognised.

She’s the cover of magazines.

She glares, she poses, she stuns all men.

Her number 7 lips, slightly open,

blows out kisses, framed in time.

      Where next she goes, not one knows


Poetic Minds

13 November 2019

An old halloween house, sunken and cold,

sits on a graveyard, where stories are told,

of strange going-ons, evil and doom,

in the cellar, kitchen and the bedroom.


It gets funny, walking through the cellar,

turning each bend, expecting the dweller.

Dracula counts his eggs, till they hatch.

And, out they come, on your face, they attach!


The cook is busy, preparing a meal,

A devilish soup of snake heads and eel.

The table, laid with bloodied cutlery,

is, to make Count Dracula happy. 


In the dark bedroom, he’s wooing his mate:

”Lay in my coffin, before it’s too late!”

Just like a ghost, she escapes his embrace.

Now fearing daylight, he starts on the chase.


Into the kitchen, but she is not there!

He know she’s hiding, yet he knows she’s near.

Down in the cellar, where his creatures dwell,

there’s where he finds her, a in jaded shell.


      Poetic Minds

        30 October 2019

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